Face & Neck

Everyone wants to look their best! In fact, each year millions of dollars are spent on cosmetic injections alone in an attempt to appear younger and more refreshed. In turn, the price of looking younger is going up and not only in the financial sense. The physical and emotional costs are also continuing to rise. The importance and power of attractiveness has long been known. Countless research articles and studies have been conducted on it’s importance when applying for a job, looking for a partner, trying to receive optimal service, and more.

Our society worships attractiveness with an undeniable emphasis placed on appearing young for as long as possible. Unfortunately many people have long forgotten that beauty and youth originates from the inside. Most modern day cosmetic procedures only address the outside and are often detrimental to one’s health. Yet no matter what cosmetic procedure you choose to undergo, the clock continues to tick away and your body continues to age.

It makes sense then that the most effective and healthy way to maintain a youthful appearance would be to work from the inside out and cosmetic acupuncture is the perfect way to do just that.

What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is based entirely on the theory and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your external beauty is achieved as a result of becoming healthier internally. This is accomplished by both improving the balance of qi in your body and bringing more qi to the face.  Overall cosmetic acupuncture is a therapeutic and effective treatment which is customized for each individual. The treatments generally consist of a consultation, customized facial products, acupuncture on the body and face, facial tuina and guasha, and diet and lifestyle recommendations.

What is the scientific rationale for how Cosmetic Acupuncture works?

Inserting needles into the skin causes a micro-trauma beneath the skin which stimulates the body’s natural wound healing process. This process balances the dispersal of collagen by encouraging fibroblasts (cells that form collagen and elastin fibers) to migrate to the needling sites and lay down new collagen fibers. Ultimately resulting in more collagen and elastin rich skin!

Will I look younger?

A study published in 1996 in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture showed that 300 people who received facial acupuncture, 90% saw marked results after one course of treatment.

What type of results could I receive?

Cosmetic acupuncture is a system designed that may take up to 5 to 10 years off your face. Through the stimulation of local circulation and collagen production fine lines will be eliminated and deeper lines will appear softer. In addition to softening the signs of aging; dark circles, puffy eyes, sagging jowels, and dropping eyelids may be minimized. Other benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include:

  • nourishing of the skin
  • moisturizing of the skin
  • elimination of dull tired looking skin
  • control of acne
  • relaxation of facial muscle tone
  • increased facial circulation
  • increase in collagen production
  • brightening of the eyes

Does Cosmetic Acupuncture provide any general health benefits?

Yes! Throughout the course of treatment the internal working of your body will begin to balance thus providing profound health benefits also. Some reported benefits include an increase in energy, an overall sense of well-being, improved digestion, emotional balance, reduced or eliminated insomnia, reduction in hot flashes/night sweats, and more!

What is the recovery time?

One of the best parts of cosmetic acupuncture is that there is no down time.  Also no swelling, scarring, or significant bruising!

Can I undergo Cosmetic acupuncture if I have had Botox?

Yes! Cosmetic acupuncture will help maintain the effectiveness of Botox and may save you several injections per year.

What is the course of treatment?

The typical course of treatment is between 10-12 sessions, which are performed twice weekly for best results. Each treatment will be individualized for the unique needs of the client and the client’s skin type. Each person responds differently to treatment due to differences in lifestyle and the aging process, but visible results are usually noticed after 6 to 7 treatments, but often are seen much sooner.

Both women and men choose to undergo cosmetic acupuncture as an effective alternative to surgical face lifts, though it is not a replacement for surgery in certain cases and situations. It is less costly, safer, and there is no risk of disfigurement. Many people in theatre, film, TV, and many models primarily choose cosmetic acupuncture due to the fact that there is no loss of facial expression and it is very comfortable and relaxing as well.Just ask Madonna, Cher, or Gwyneth Paltrow!