Are you being affected by trigger points?

Are you being affected by trigger points?
Trigger points are a real source of pain and one that I see on a daily basis here at the clinic. Not only do trigger points cause pain, but they also affect the movement of the body by keeping muscles short and stiff. This muscle shortness, weakens the muscles causing them to tire quickly and repair slower than normal. Left untreated they can result in a pinched nerve or even partially dislocated joints!
But how do they get there?
A complex physiological process results in trigger points, but in short, a section of the muscle becomes excessively irritated resulting in the natural contraction and release of the muscle fibers to go wrong. Basically, the muscle is unable to fully release and this tense section or band is a newly formed trigger point.
What can be done?
Once formed, there are a few ways to address a trigger point, but the most effective way is through acupuncture. By placing a needle over the trigger point, the cycle of muscle contraction is disrupted and as a by product the muscle is restored to normal length and flooded with an increase in blood supply and energy. The best part is acupuncture typically results in immediate release of the trigger point. A correctly placed needle will result in a small twitch response and instant release of the muscle which is a welcome relief for someone living in pain for weeks or months!
Prevention is Key
A few points can make all the difference. Try to increase exercise slowly. By allowing the body to naturally increase endurance and strength we prevent strain, overuse, and thus trigger points. Listen to your body, get proper sleep, and go slow. Another great way to prevent trigger points is by breaking up adhesions on a regular basis. Try using a tennis ball, a foam roller, or get a massage. All these apply direct pressure on the muscle fibers helping to melt those adhesions away.
Think your pain might be caused from trigger points?
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